Cost-wise. Personalised care.

Corporate Healthcare Trusts bring the most benefit to your people whilst controlling your healthcare costs

Corporate health trusts offer a unique cost-effective approach to cover employee health and wellbeing needs while providing more control and tax efficiency.

Deploy a versatile solution to employee healthcare with a corporate health trust


Discuss your organisation's healthcare needs and workforce and we’ll help you tailor a bespoke health plan that aligns with your goals.

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Establish your corporate health trust, determine your budget and allocate funds.

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Employees choose fast access to more affordable healthcare from the best in-plan providers. We’ll make sure they’re always supported and can easily access the care they need.

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Unspent funds from your corporate healthcare trust are carried over for your employees' health and wellbeing.
Stop-loss insurance safeguards your organisation against unforeseen expenses.

Corporate Health Trust Benefits:
A unique approach to employee health

Control and Customisations

Complete control over the benefits you provide, tailoring them to the requirements of your workforce.

Cost Efficiency

Maximise tax efficiencies to ensure a greater portion of your corporate healthcare trust funding directly supports employee wellbeing.

Certainty in Financial Liability

Choose certainty by defining your maximum financial liability.

Easy Health Trust Administration

Entrust claims and service management to Odycy for a patient-first partnership.


Corporate Healthcare Trusts come in various forms, offering organisations the choice between Health Trusts or a Health Master Trust, each providing a unique balance of control and flexibility depending on your organisation's size.

Tax Efficient

Insurance Premium Tax (IPT): A well-established corporate health trust is exempt from IPT, offering significant savings, with IPT applicable only to stop-loss insurance.

Corporation Tax: Contributions to the health trust are generally deductible as a business expense, reducing corporation tax liability.


Tailor your organisation's health and wellbeing benefits to your unique needs and employees preferences.

Create a customised employee healthcare scheme that evolves over time, ensuring it meets your current and future needs.


Stop-loss insurance on your Corporate Healthcare Trust plan can safeguard against unexpected, high-cost claims.

Frequently Asked Questions

How Will My Healthcare Budget Be Spent?

You have the flexibility to tailor your healthcare plan, ensuring it aligns with your business priorities and the needs of your employees.

Can I Put My Budget Towards Complimentary Services?

Yes, you can access a range of complimentary services beyond the Trust, giving you more control over your choices.

Can I Work With Odycy If I Already Have A Corporate Trust Set Up?

Absolutely, Odycy can serve as your trust's administrator or assist in setting up a new trust.

Is A Corporate Trust More Flexible Than Private Medical Insurance?

Yes, Corporate Healthcare Trusts offer greater flexibility, enabling you to design bespoke solutions for your business.

Are Corporate Medical Trusts Difficult To Set Up?

With Odycy's support and robust legal documentation, setting up your trust is straightforward and hassle-free.

What Happens After The Healthcare Trust Is Set Up?

Odycy provides ongoing support, including dedicated account managers and clinical teams, ensuring your Trust runs smoothly.

Are Safeguards In Place For Expensive Claims?

Yes, stop-loss insurance can protect against unexpectedly high claims, and our clinician-led approach explores cost-effective options.

What Is Odycy's Approach To Healthcare Outsourcing?

Odycy focuses on a cost-wise, patient-first approach to healthcare outsourcing. We prioritise affordable access to healthcare without compromising on the quality of care, ensuring fast and efficient access to healthcare services for patients and organisations.