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Save time and help patients access more affordable healthcare on their terms.

Improve patient outcomes and satisfaction with time saving, provider - agnostic Odycy e-referrals that let patients choose fast access to the most affordable healthcare where and when they need it at a provider of their choice. 

Where private patients find, compare and book healthcare

Odycy referrals let patients choose their provider to access care where and when they need it, at a price they can afford

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Patients access their referrals and choose and book the best provider for them

Healthy Planet: You plant a tree with every referral onto Odycy so that we can all enjoy a healthy planet.


Everyone should be able to access the care they need, when they need it; Odycy helps patients choose faster access to more convenient and more affordable healthcare, on their terms.

Dr. Nicholas Bush

Co-Founder and Medical Director Odycy


Scaling a fast-growing diagnostic provider, I realised the need for the right tech to maximise capacity and integrate with patients referred from digital pathways. With Odycy I’m able to take what I learnt and offer providers a single solution to these problems.

James Bailey

Co - Founder and COO Odycy


Why join Odycy?

Our business is making you successful.

  • Traditional referrals leave sick patients searching.
  • Odycy referrals help patients choose faster access to the most affordable care, where and when they need it.

Our business is making you successful.

Faster, more convenient access to care leads to better patient outcomes and improved satisfaction with referrers own services.

Provider-agnostic platform referrals let patients choose providers that suit them - price, time, location and reputation.

Intuitive templates and a friendly design mean Odycy referrals save time, letting you spend more time where it matters most.

Patient initiated requests on Odycy bring new patients to participating referrers.

You plant a tree with every referral onto Odycy  - so that we can all enjoy a healthy planet.

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Frequently Asked Questions

What Is Odycy?

Odycy is where private patients find, compare and book healthcare. Odycy is an electronic referral service that lets patients choose their provider. Doctors write referrals onto Odycy, where patients can access their referrals, and immediately browse and book the best providers for them. They can compare providers based on price, appointment times, location and ratings, to book their care where and when they need it, at a price they can afford.

How Does Odycy Improve Patient Care?

Odycy enhances patient outcomes and satisfaction by offering rapid, convenient access to affordable healthcare. It permits patients to select their provider, ensuring they receive care when and where they need it, at a price they can afford.

How Does Signing Up To Odycy Benefit Me As A Referrer?

By registering for Odycy, you can submit e-referrals directly onto Odycy. This time-saving referral process lets patients use their referral and choose their provider according to their needs - price, time, location or reputation. Faster access to care improves patient outcomes. Prioritising patient choice improves patient satisfaction with the referrers own service.

What Makes Odycy Different From Traditional Referral Methods?

Unlike traditional referrals, Odycy empowers patients to choose their healthcare provider. This patient-centred approach ensures quicker access to care and aligns with patients’ individual needs and preferences. Self - pay patients can save on the cost of care, or find an appointment sooner at a provider nearby.

Who Can Use Odycy?

Odycy is designed for healthcare providers, referrers, and patients seeking care. It streamlines the referral process for providers and offers patients a user-friendly platform to access healthcare services on their terms. Referrers can Sign Up to Odycy for Free.

How Does Odycy Contribute To A Healthier Planet?

With every referral made through Odycy, a tree is planted. This initiative contributes to environmental sustainability and aligns with the aim of promoting a healthy planet.

Is There A Cost To Sign Up For Odycy?

Registering for Odycy is Free. Healthcare providers and referrers can easily join the platform and start offering better, more accessible care to patients.

How Do Patients Access Their Referrals On Odycy?

Patients can access their referrals directly on the Odycy platform. After being referred onto Odycy for a service, patients can login with the login details provided to them and then have the flexibility to choose and book the best service provider for their needs.

Making access to high-quality healthcare faster and more affordable.

Everyone should be able to get the care they need, where and when they need it.


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