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Many medical conditions can be addressed in an online doctor or telephone appointment. But often it's important to be seen in-person; you might need urgent care, or to be examined by your doctor. Diagnostic tests like scans or blood tests are an important part of reaching an accurate diagnosis, after which you may need treatments beyond medications, like minor procedures or even surgery.

Whether it's helpful information to manage your health, a GP Appointment or Physiotherapy, a Medical or Health Check, or a Screening procedure - you can get the right care the first time from the best providers on Odycy.

With Odycy, access to routine Treatments, and to major Surgery like Orthopaedic Surgery, Cosmetic Surgery, and Paediatric Surgery is made easy. We don't believe in barriers in healthcare. That extends to access to Mental Health Services, that you can find and book on Odycy.

You can also use Odycy to find the most affordable financing, so that you can get the care you need in a way that you can afford.

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