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Firearm and other medicals cater to specific requirements for licensing and fitness in various fields.

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Firearms Licensing Requirements
Mental Fitness Evaluation
Visual Acuity Test
Hearing Assessment
Manual Dexterity Check
Reaction Time Measurement
Cognitive Functioning Test
Medical History Review
Substance Abuse Screening
Legal Compliance for Ownership

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Not Suitable For

Substance Dependence
Psychiatric Instability
Auditory Disability
Motor Coordination Issues
Chronic Seizure Conditions
History of Violence
Impulse Control Disorders
Legal Disqualification
Cognitive Impairment
Severe Visual Impairment

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Firearm and shotgun licence medical fitness certificates are required to ensure that individuals applying for a firearms or shotgun licence are medically fit to possess and use such weapons.

Key Takeaways

  • Medical fitness certificates are required for firearms and shotgun licence applications.
  • The certificates involve a doctor providing factual information about the applicant's medical fitness to the police.
  • Mental health conditions, such as depression, are considered during the assessment.

Need to Know

What is a Firearms and Shotgun Licence Medical Fitness Certificate?

A Firearms and Shotgun Licence Medical Fitness Certificate is an official document verifying an individual's medical suitability to own and operate firearms or shotguns. It is a critical part of the police's assessment process for firearms applications, requiring a doctor's confirmation of the applicant's health information.

Do you have to have a medical for a shotgun licence?

Yes, a medical proforma, which is a comprehensive health declaration, must be submitted with any firearms or shotgun licence application to the police firearms licensing department.

Can I get a shotgun licence with depression in the UK?

While depression does not automatically disqualify an individual from obtaining a shotgun licence, it is a factor in the assessment of an applicant's medical fitness. The doctor must inform the police of any relevant medical conditions, including mental health issues, which are then considered in the licensing decision.


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